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Keynote Speaker Dr. Jim Painter - Author of Portion Size Me

Let's Eat Mindfully by Jim Painter
Released Jan 2017
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Helpful Nutritional Video from
Nutritionist Dr. Jim Painter

The Cholesterol Conundrum


Omega 3s, Omega 6s and Inflamation


Role of Antioxidants


Celiac Disease - Wheat Woes

This video reviews celiac disease and a gluten free diet.


Cholesterol - Dietary Cholesterol's effect on Blood Cholesterol

For years we have been taught to watch what you eat to lower you Choesterol - This was based on data from 1912 and was taken our of the US Guidelines in 2015.


Fats in Vogue, The Big Fat Lie

This video follows the history of the failed fat theory of heart disease.


Saturated Fat

Saturated Fat has been seen as the main cause of heart disease for half a century. But saturated fat is not the main issue!


Q & A

Does Peeling Fruit Remove Pesticides?

The dirty dozen...if you peel the dirty dozen, would you get rid of most of the pesticides?


Current Affiliations

Eastern Illinois University
Professor Emeritus at the School of Family and Consumer Sciences
Reasons to Believe
Visiting Scholar
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