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Keynote Speaker Dr. Jim Painter - Author of Portion Size Me

Let's Eat Mindfully by Jim Painter
Released Jan 2017
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Lecture Topics

Dr. Jim Painter, PhD, RDN
Emeritus Professor, Eastern Illinois University
Adjunct Professor, University of Texas -Houston, School of Public Health

Dr. Jim Painter maintains his Adjunct Professorship at University of Texas School of Public Health, is Professor Emeritus from Eastern Illinois University and contributor to John Patrick University's Nutrition program. His research specialties include heart disease, and mindless eating. Jim has been an advisor for Sun-Maid Raisin Growers and Paramount Farms, and consults for the National Dairy Council. He has served on the American Heart Association's Eat Well Task Force and as the Chair of Sugarwise. He worked for Marriott Corporation in the 1980s, taught at University of Illinois during the 1990s and at Eastern Illinois University until 2013. Jim has over 100 peer reviewed publications to his credit.

Presentations by Jim Painter PhD, RD:

  1. Nutrition Where All Experts Agree: A Starting Point For a Healthy Diet
    Are you frustrated with conflicting nutrition information? Do you want to give up even trying to eat healthy? Eggs used to be killing Americans and now some have deemed them as a health food. We had an all out war on fat in this country, but now it seems that sugar is causing our demise. Did you know that there are foods and eating patterns that all the experts agree are healthy for us? Dr. Painter will discuss food principles that all research agrees is healthy and how vegan, paleo and keto diets all reduce risk of disease. What if it is the points of agreement that is actually causing the majority of the benefit and not the carb/fat/protein ratio? So, no matter what diet you were on, let's focus on these food principles and begin a journey to wellness.
  3. Food Psychology: Why We Eat More than We Think
    Most people are not aware of the volume of food they consume and this lack of awareness may lead to over-consumption. Dr. Painter will illustrate with examples how portion sizes have increased over the past two decades and the ways to control food portions. Dr. Painter will also present techniques to help consumers be aware of their eating patterns and provide ways to reduce intake. He will also discuss current research regarding benefits of, and techniques to increase consumption of healthful foods.
  5. Finding Truth in the Failed Theories of Heart Disease
    Dietary advice on fat, saturated fat and cholesterol seems to change daily and this can be disconcerting and confusing for consumers and healthcare providers. This talk will gives scientific, evidence-based truth about these nutrients. Current research findings suggest that cholesterol, total fat, and salt are not a risk factor of heart disease. Instead, individuals should focus on consuming heart-healthy foods that will be discussed in this presentation.
  7. Nutrition in Disguise: Enticing Consumers to Choose Foods with Benefits (can include a food demo)
    For far too long we've been trying to sell nutrition as an incentive to eat healthier foods. The problem comes when we try to sell nutrition over taste. Taste always wins. Instead of trading flavor and visual appeal for nutritional benefits, Dr. Jim Painter describes how you CAN have all three by concentrating on taste and appearance and adding the nutrition by stealth. Let's get students to eat better by enticing them with nutritional, beautiful, and abundantly flavorful foods.
  9. Current Issues: Fats in Vogue, Wheat Woes, Uh-Oh GMOs
    A discussion of current issues and misconceptions related to fats in the diet, wheat, and GMOs, and the truth of how to address each. Dr. Painter will address current nutrition and diet -related trends, explain the procession of current issues and beliefs related to fat, wheat, and GMOS, and discuss practical techniques of addressing these trends and misconceptions. 
  11. Creating Sweet Treats in Spite of the New Sugar Labeling Law
    Unlike the low-fat fad, the sugar issue is going to impact the food industry because the trifecta of modern science, consumer perception, and government guidelines all agree that added sugar is a major contributor to chronic diseases. Dr. Painter will address how create decadently healthy sweets by stealthily replacing sugar with nutritious sweeteners.   
  13. Ten Foods to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
    We tell our patients and clients "no salt, low fat" when it comes to heart disease education, but what they hear is "no fun".  So let's kick-start a conversation on the foods to include, not exclude, that can reduce risk of heart disease.  This session will cover the top heart-friendly foods that should be on every school nutrition professional's grocery list. You will also discover the mechanisms that make these foods so effective.
  15. Twelve Foods to Add to Your Diet to Reduce the Risk of Cancer
    In this presentation, foods and food components that reduce the risk of the initiation and promotion of cancer will be reviewed. Many foods are known to reduce the risk of initiating of cancer. But there are some foods that effect the promotion of cancer growth once it has been diagnosed. Approximately a dozen foods or components will be discussed.
  17. Herbal Supplements: Which Ones Work and Why
    Approximately 80% of people worldwide use herbal supplements for some part of their healthcare, and yet few consumers actually know how truthful the claims are behind these supplements. This talk gives the scientific, evidence-based truth on the effectiveness and safety of some of the most popular herbal supplements, including: black cohosh and menopause symptoms, ginger and digestive disturbances, saw palmetto and prostate health, ginseng and energy, glucosamine and joint health and more.


Length 1 hour; style, hands on workshop.
  1. Health Benefits of Chocolate/Chocolate Tasting.
    Discover the healthy aspects of chocolate and indicators of nutrient depletion in this rich food and multi-million dollar industry.  During this workshop, participants will find out what to look for on labeling as well as enjoy samples of several types of chocolate.
  2. Developing Nutrition Education Power Point Presentations.
    In this workshop participants will learn how to create enticing nutrition presentations utilizing Power Point. Participants will learn how to add pictures, videos, color and graphics to presentations. The development of animated graphs and charts will be demonstrated. This hands-on training requires a computer laboratory. (max 25)
  4. Making Healthy Food More Enticing Through Garnishing and Napkin Folding
    Preparing healthy foods is of little value if they are never consumed. This workshop focuses on ways to make food look more attractive. Participants will make garnishes, learn napkin folding and make foods more appetizing while at the same time having great fun. (max 25 participants)
  6. The Health Benefits of Wine, Wine Tasting
    This is a fun filled workshop where the health benefits of wine are discussed as wine tasting is being explained and demonstrated. Participants typically taste 4 wines with accompanying foods. (max 50 participants). 
  8. Wellness Workshop - Whole Foods for the Whole Person
    Wellness is more than just avoiding disease, it means to live in vibrant health. Wellness is achieved by more than just eating the right foods. We are not simply a body but also mind and spirit.  This synergistic triad is inseparable.  A poor diet may not just affect the body but also how we think and our disposition toward others.  Similarly, anxiety in your spirit may affect health in your body.  Therefore, for you to truly achieve TOTAL wellness, your efforts must include all three dimensions. This presentation will discuss all three of these aspects in detail, in order to arrive at optimal wellness. We will look at some of the lifestyle choices that are common among centenarians.
    Session 1 - Overview of wellness, spirit, soul & body
    Session 2 - Let's Eat Mindfully
    Session 3 - Whole body, Foods to improve health
    Session 4 - Wellness for the Whole Person : Mind and Spirit
  9. Session 1
    Session 2
    Session 3
    Session 4

Current Affiliations
John Patrick University | Program Director for the Master's of Science in Nutrition
Eastern Illinois University | Professor Emeritus at the School of Family and Consumer Sciences
Reasons to Believe | Visiting Scholar
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